Negotiating with Feelings

June 17, 2010

My Gut craves for chocolate and my Heart longs for it. Both of them desire cacao every day, for breakfast and for lunch. It is a torrid, passionate love, one of hopeless attachment.

But my Mind, ever analytical, censors this craving. Aside from the sugar and the fat, the Mind has learned that repeating the same food on consecutive days may allow the body to form emotional associations with that item. This can affect how I process the food, impacting my energy and health.

My chocolate craving therefore presents a most painful dilemma. The internal cacophony is deafening.

Finally, I sit down to negotiate with my feelings.

Can we have chocolate every other day instead? My Mind asks my Gut and my Heart.

We feel deprived if we don’t get it every day. (Sic sic.) We need it. Please…

How about eating A Lot Of chocolate every other day instead? My Mind ventures.

Hm… That is not ideal, but it is an improvement. Perhaps we can try. We are happy with two bars of chocolate every other day. The Gut and the Heart respond.

But my Mind begins to regret its own suggestion. Eating plenty of chocolate on any day is not a good idea. The caffeine will keep me up at night, the large amount of sugar and fat will spoil my appetite for other foods.

Forget about sleep and diet! Eating lots of chocolate every other day feels good! The Gut and the Heart yell.

The body will enjoy it for a moment but feel awful for a long time afterwards. My Mind retorts.

Frosty silence.

Please generate more ideas. The Gut and the Heart return and plead. Of the three of us you are the only one capable of consciously doing that. You not only can analyze, you can also CREATE. You are the fountain of CHOICES.

That is true. I have both analytical and creative faculties. I will keep devising new ideas until there is one that we all agree on. My Mind immediately resumes its inventive synapsis.

How about having moderate amount of chocolate in different variations everyday? Hot coco, dark chocolate squares, strawberry dipped in chocolate sauce, chocolate macaroon, pralines… My Mind suggests.

That sounds wonderful! My Gut and my Heart exclaim.

The variations can trick the body into thinking that it is consuming something different every day. This will prevent the body from developing emotional associations with chocolate. My Mind carefully analyses and concludes.

The Gut, the Heart, and the Mind are satisfied with this negotiation and the resolution, my internal music is in sync.

And my house is filled with chocolate concoctions.

Copyright Pending © 2010 by Betty Ng. All right reserved. Content may not be reproduced without prior written consent of the author.

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